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Ark─üdijs Pancs 1955-2013
Riga, Latvia
psychoanalyst, psychotherapist and psychiatrist

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I was born in Riga in 1955, I graduated from a Secondary School there, and then in 1979- from Riga Medical Institute, Therapeutic Faculty and got a specialty of Physician-Psychiatrist.  From 1979 till 1982, I worked as Psychiatrist in Jelgava Mental Hospital, from 1982 till 1989- in Riga Mental Hospital. During my first years of medical practice I was on duty at a special service “Telephone of Trust” regularly, and many people called there being in different crisis situations. Since 1990 up to 1993 I combined my work as Psychiatrist and Physician-Psychotherapist, and since 1993 up to 1995 I was in charge of the Department of Psychotherapy and Psychology of Riga Mental Hospital.  Since 1996 up to present I am in a Private Practice.

Education in Psychotherapy   

In 1980 I studied at a State Institute of Advanced Medical Studies, Courses of Psychotherapy, and got a speciality of Physician-Psychotherapist. In 1988 I passed there a Course of Qualification Improvement. During seminars I studied different psychotherapeutic methods, such as Gestalt-Therapy, Family Therapy.  Since 1991 I continue an advanced study of psychodynamic Psychotherapy at courses arranged by Eksilstuna College (Sweden), and further at courses, arranged by Karolinska Institute (Sweden).

Education in Psychoanalysis 

From 2001 up to 2005 I studied at The Han Groen-Prakken Psychoanalytical institute for Eastern Europe, which is jointly created by International Psychoanalytical Association and European Psychoanalytical Federation.  I studied for four years a theory and practice of Psychoanalysis in Amsterdam. During four and a half years I was having professional personal Psychoanalysis in Lithuania with training analyst Dr Stase Meskauskene.

In 2005 I finished my studies and got a Certificate of Psychoanalyst. I am a Direct Member of International Psychoanalytical Association. Since 2006 I am a Corresponding Member of Dutch Psychoanalytical society.

In 2008 I got the permission to conduct training analysis in Latvia for those physicians and psychologists who choose Psychoanalysis as their profession.

Scientific work

The team member of the PIEE (The Han Groen Prakken Psychoanalytical institute for Eastern Europe) scientific project in collaboration with EPF (European Psychoanalytical Federation): Psychoanalytic training in different settings - the path (the experience), the outcome. 

Lecturer. Training course "Psychotherapy in a psychiatric clinic" for residents in psychiatry. 

Social Activity 

During a period of establishment of Latvian Psychotherapy I worked actively in Latvian Association for Psychotherapy. I was the Chairman of Certification Commission, and then up to 2001- the Chairman of Latvian Association for Psychotherapy. I was at the very source of practical introduction of Psychoanalysis as a science and method of treatment in Latvia, together with my colleagues I organized teaching seminars, which were held by the best European and world-known Psychoanalysts. Now I am spending much time dedicating it to media and to the idea of bringing Psychoanalysis to our common everyday life.

From January 2012 The chair of the training committee of the Estonian-Latvian Psychoanalytical Group (IPA - International Psychoanalytical Association)

Private life 

I am married and have a 32 old son.