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Ark─üdijs Pancs 1955-2013
Riga, Latvia
psychoanalyst, psychotherapist and psychiatrist

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DialoguesYou ask - I answer. The conversation about everything what you are interested in or are bothered with.

  • 16/09/2013
    I have a friend, he says i`m like a brother for him, but I don`t stand him, I think he is some kind of psycho, he becomes very aggressive when he drinks, he even said he would kill me. I tried to talk, I tried to walk away, nothing is working, I don`t know what to do. Please help.
  • 10.04.2013
    Do you take new patients for psych-analysis? Can you inform me of your fees and the usual weekly programme for therapy? Thanks!
  • 18.08.2012.
    I am feeling good 90% of the time, but sometimes every few months its like I get really depressed for no good reason and stays like that for a few days...
  • 25.02.2012.
    I am Medical student in Riga, really know were to find a psychiatrist that speaks English. Would you recommend anyone? Or is it possible to see you?
  • 24.02.2012.
    Its been 4 years since I had my first meltdown, I have been depressed, over happy and felt every feeling. Lately i feel like just beeing in bed dont wanna get out and cry all the time and for no reason. i think about things like i wish i could just dissepear. Other times I am full of energy wanna do stuff all the time. Really living a rollercoster life. I have searched a bit on the internet and taken some self test about bipolar there a way to know for sure if I have it?