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Arkādijs Pancs 1955-2013
Riga, Latvia
psychoanalyst, psychotherapist and psychiatrist

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What is unconsciousness and why do we need it

We may call it as a foundation of human state of mind- in its cellars there are stored strong and simple feelings based on our instincts: ”I want to eat”, “I want to be safe and to have a roof over my head”, “I want to make sex”, “I want to destroy my enemy”. In the same place there are stored our conceptions about us: “I am stubborn, kind and unprotected” and also there is a pile of our observations of the world which surrounds us, which we don’t need to use right now, but we may need to use them at a difficult moment, and then they jump out from the corners of our unconsciousness, they influence our decision, and we shall notice:” Oh, our intuition works!”

Our unconsciousness keeps in piece and quiet images, wishes, actions and aims which are necessary so often, that we don’t overload our mind by constant thinking about their existence, as we don’t think about our balance while we are walking. For example, there is an image of “a good mother” in male unconsciousness, and due to analogy with this image, man chooses his wife, or he has an image of “a bad mother”, then he searches for a contrary partner in his life. He doesn’t think about it neither in the first case, nor in the second, because he makes the right choice in both situations, and there is no any necessity to burden his precious “grey cells of mind” by thoughts how he finds a great wife for himself.

Complications and troubles happens when someone has wrong images, settled in unconsciousness, thus he/she makes a wrong choice constantly. For example, a man marries bad-tempered fools, divorces them and then marries the same ones. He has not any idea that he finds those, who are not for him at all, because there is an image of a dull, scandalous and unbalanced mother in his unconsciousness, plus an image of his authoritative father, who has reprimanded and persuaded him that there are no other women, that “all women are complete fools”. And this man follows his father’s orders: “all women are fools”, and “if they are not fools they are not women”, so he chooses only scandalous fools. He understands by his mind that all women are different. But mind is not a commander of unconsciousness. It is not enough to know, it is necessary to feel and realize, experience and put a new image and a new model of behavior in his unconsciousness, in order he could automatically choose those he likes.

There is a reserve of our life force in our unconsciousness, these are those stimuli, which push us to make different actions- from looking for love and choosing a profession up to the possibility to jump ahead, to earn much money, to donate half of the city, to bring up genius children and to travel half of the world on your favorite job’s account. Those, who have a block between consciousness and unconsciousness, are suffering from the lack of forces to live, from having feeling of boredom, from having lack of wishes, from languor and depression.

Also there are stored many unpleasant happenings and concerns. As it is said, what happened- that happened. Our past can’t be changed, but we may alleviate memories which cause pain: we could hide all bad into our unconsciousness and turn on the key. The echo of our previous problems sometimes can influence our mood, and it causes light sadness as if it has no reason, but it is not strong or agonizing. Sometimes, after a certain strong childish trauma, the whole personality is changed and it is formed in such a way in order someone could “hide a bottle with a terrible gin from the past” from a sudden touch or word. And then we act illogical or not understandable way for everybody, just not to break the storage of our troubles and not to let the genie out of the bottle.

And also, there are feelings, forbidden in our society, for example, a mother envies her daughter because the one is young and popular at young men’s society. A girl is jealous of her father to her mother. A son is angry with his father because that one is stronger, cleverer and suppresses him all the time. There is nothing terrible or criminal in these feelings, they are moving unconditionally a mother to make a plastic surgery and to visit fitness club, a daughter finds a young man, resembling her father and furthermore, a son challenges to his father and makes a brilliant carrier. Problems start then, when envy, love and jealousy are too strong and they override human behavior, and a human being doesn’t know why he acts like this. A mother constantly criticizes a growing daughter, and then she is suffering from remorse. A jealous daughter has grown up and does not marry anyone, there is nobody like her father is. A son considers that he would never be able to reach his father’s heights, not even trying to do that, he drinks and misses his classes at the university. Sometimes someone is born with a big capacity of envy or malice, and that someone should not put it on somebody, otherwise the society will attack and destroy him/her because of his/her actions.      

Usually, it is normal when consciousness and unconsciousness constantly exchange information and energy impulses, and because of that we are getting along with surrounding us people excellently, we don’t waste our time on reflections excessively, we investigate our wishes and we reach what we want. 

Who works as Psychoanalyst

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Let’s make a conclusion: when do you need to contact Psychotherapist or Psychoanalyst

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What is the difference between Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

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What is unconsciousness and why do we need it

We may call it as a foundation of human state of mind- in its cellars there are stored strong and simple feelings based on our instincts: ”I want to eat”, “I want to be safe and to have a roof over my head”, “I want to make ...

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