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Arkādijs Pancs 1955-2013
Riga, Latvia
psychoanalyst, psychotherapist and psychiatrist

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Answers and questions on Psychotherapy, Psychology and Psychiatry

What for do we need Psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy helps us to live happily and to fulfill all life tasks ...

How a word can influence our organism

We are accustomed to the fact that physicians prescribe a chemical medicine ( a tablet or an injection) , which influences on different cells and causes necessary reactions- improves mood, increases or decreases blood pressure, regulates heart activity, ...

Who is practicing Psychotherapy

Physicians and psychologists, who got a special education in the sphere of Psychotherapy. There are some countries, where Psychotherapy is practiced by social workers who have special ...

Let’s make a conclusion: when do you need to contact Psychotherapist or Psychoanalyst

   1. Let’s make a conclusion: when do you need to contact Psychotherapist or Psychoanalyst    2. If you are involved in a conflict situation and you can’t see its end.    3. If you all the time repeat one and the ...

The most popular questions to ask Psychotherapist or Psychoanalyst

Why can not I handle my problems myself? We have enough of great possibilities to handle our problems ourselves. For example, we could think about it carefully. Or we could discuss it with an intelligent person. Or we could read something ...

What is the difference between Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

Psychoanalysis deals with deeper psychical processes than Psychotherapy. It copes with such problems which can’t be settled by Psychotherapy, for example, it helps you to become a person you might be if you would have an optimum childhood and ...

What is Psychotherapy

From the very beginning we must put aside a popular illusion that Psychotherapy is a “soul therapy”. It is not a “soul therapy”, just as Hirudotherapy is not “a therapy of leeches”, and Chemical Therapy is not a therapy of “chemicals”! ...